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Yes, “Wet Basement Solutions”, that’s our name, and we provide residential and commercial clients throughout the Ottawa Region and surrounding areas (including east of Peterborough, across to Barry’s Bay and Pembroke, back to the seaway (Prescott) and all the way up to Trenton) with fast and reliable basement waterproofing, foundation repair and restoration. And not only that, we also provide licensed and authorized basement radon inspection and mitigation services. We are so sure, we’ll get it right, we backup every solution with a life-time transferable warranty.

Avoid costly exterior excavating repairs that may not work!
We specialize in inside-the-home solutions that will work-right-the-first-time. And with over 26 support products available, our design technicians can assess your situation and propose the perfect fix.

Ready to solve that nagging basement issue once and for all? Give us a call (toll free), or fill out our form to schedule a free at-your-home consultation and free quote with one of our technicians.

Wet News - the latest

Is flood damage caused by a spring thaw covered by your home insurance?

Flood coverage isn’t available because only a small percentage of the population is at risk. Since the purpose of insurance is to spread risk among many policyholders, this type of insurance for those at risk would be unaffordable.


10 Tips to Prevent Basement Mold Growth

Even if you cannot see it, mold may be hidden behind drywall, behind paneling or wallpaper, on the top side of ceiling tiles, or beneath carpeting and padding. Air conditioning and heating ducts can also hide mold. Other common areas for mold to grow is around leaking pipes or pipes that are continually damp with condensation.


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