We are committed to proving the very best basement leak repair solutions, products and services! And it shows. See what our customers are saying about Wet Basement Solutions.

"We didn't really have many options.  Our pool patio came right up to the back of the house, which was the wall that was leaking. It would have cost a fortune to redo our patio and deck. The guys at Wet Basement Solution offered us choices and all of them were much more affordable then doing anything on the outside. I think it's safe to say they saved our basement and our wallet. Thanks guys!"
Walter and Judy Blevins
"This system just made so much sense. When they sat down and showed me what it is they do, I knew right away that it was the right choice. It's a very smart yet simple solution. I just wish I had of put this in when I was building the house and before we finished off the basement, could have saved a lot of money by doing a lit bit extra up front."
Micheal Rampson
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