Basement condensation

Basement condensation takes place when moist air (heavier than dry air) becomes trapped in the lowest point of your home. Because the concrete basement floor is usually cold, high humidity days may cause condensation on the cold uninsulated basement floors or walls, leaving water behind.

Basement Technologies

Basement Technologies is suppliers and franchiser of basement waterproofing products and services. Their solutions are customized on-site to address the unique scenarios that varying forms of construction, wall types, foundations and footing configurations inevitably present. Over 450,000 home installations and over 100 basement waterproofing franchises across the world.

Basement waterproofing
The process of preventing water from entering into a basement. There are several process, that deal with specific problems. Water seepage into your basement through the basement can be a serious problem causing significant damage to your home.

Cove joint

A cove joint is where the floor/floor slab and wall meet.

Hydrostatic pressure

A pressure caused by the gravitational pull of water and the affecting pressures on a basement foundation and floor. As the water table raises, hydrostatic pressure builds and water will force its way into a basement through cracks in the floor and the floor/wall joint.

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