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Our waterproofing services include both inside and outside of the house solutions.

Foundation floor cracks are caused by settling, shrinkage and stresses as concrete cures.

Unfinished crawlspaces and dirt floor basements can allow excessive moisture and gasses to seep into the air.

Walter & Judy Blevins
Walter & Judy Blevins
"We didn't really have many options. Our pool patio came right up to the back of the house, which was the wall that was leaking. It would have cost a fortune to redo our patio and deck. The guys at Wet Basement Solution offered us choices and all of them were much more affordable then doing anything on the outside. I think it's safe to say they saved our basement and our wallet. Thanks guys!"
Micheal Rampson
Micheal Rampson
"This system just made so much sense. When they sat down and showed me what it is they do, I knew right away that it was the right choice. It's a very smart yet simple solution. I just wish I had of put this in when I was building the house and before we finished off the basement, could have saved a lot of money by doing a lit bit extra up front."
Marion Hicksley
Marion Hicksley
"The people from wet basement solutions were very nice. They did all that work by hand and they cleaned up everything when they were done. It was just a real pleasure. My basement no longer has that musty damp smell and I can’t even hear it when the pump kicks on."
Life-Time Warranty For Wet Basement Repairs

Yes, “Wet Basement Solutions”, that’s our name, and we provide residential and commercial clients throughout the Ottawa Region and surrounding areas (including east of Peterborough, across to Barry’s Bay and Pembroke, back to the seaway (Prescott) and all the way up to Trenton) with fast and reliable basement waterproofing, foundation repair and restoration. And not only that, we also provide licensed and authorized basement radon inspection and mitigation services. We are so sure, we’ll get it right, we backup every solution with a life-time transferable warranty.

Avoid costly exterior excavating repairs that may not work!
We specialize in inside-the-home solutions that will work-right-the-first-time. And with over 26 support products available, our design technicians can assess your situation and propose the perfect fix.

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